We take a consultative approach to your organization’s IT management. Our experts deliver a winning combination of tailored solutions and expert advice that supplies your organization with scalable, efficient IT security solutions that support your growth and regulatory needs.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a software that improves security awareness of an IT environment by combining security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). SIEM solution enhances threat detection, compliance, and security incident management through the gathering and analysis of real-time and historical security event data and sources. Our experts work with you to understand your requirements, and offer you the SIEM solution that best meets your business needs:

  • Log 360 – ManageEngine
  • IBM Qradar
  • FortiSIEM

The following factors give SIEM solutions an advantage:

  • Threat intelligence helps organizations detect threats based on knowledge observed elsewhere in the world
  • Threat intelligence is not just a list of bad ip addresses. it also includes detailed profiles of threat actors, attack mechanisms, and instructions on how to respond to a threat
  • It is constantly evolving and provides information on existing and emerging threats
  • Its main objective is to better equip organizations with the image against global threats

Local Authentication Unit (LAU): For banks wishing to implement the Local Authentication Unit method for messages exchanged between the BackOffice and the SWIFT Alliance, ABM offers its LAU Application with the following features:















STR (Secure File Transfer): ABM Smart-STR is a Secure File Transfer Application between your Back-Office and your SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA). It enables and simplifies data transfer initiatives in a secure way, whereas the application is an alternative of IBM MQ series. The application’s main functionality is to transfer files between two machines in a secure way via SFTP protocol for Outgoing & Incoming messages to SWIFT.

Vulnerability Manager: ABM Vulnerability Manager is prioritization-focused vulnerability management software for enterprises offering built-in patch management. It is a strategic solution for your security teams, delivering comprehensive visibility, assessment, and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities across your network from a central console

Patch Manager: ABM will help you install all the software needed to improve your security management process by analyzing single or group of computers and detecting missing patches/updates and common security misconfigurations

Privileged Access Management (PAM): PAM Solution logs user sessions in a searchable video format, which is indexed with multilayer metadata. This metadata includes details such as application names, visited URLs, entered commands, the contents of started scripts, and keystrokes. Session details include remote IP addresses and host details. Since each organization has a specific set of needs and challenges, we plan to avert these threats accordingly by offering you multiple choices:

  • Osirium
  • Wallix

File Integrity Management (FIM): File Integrity Monitoring Solution (FIM) monitors all changes made to your file servers including permission changes, file creation, moving and modifying events, and more, all in real time. We offer multiple solutions combining cost efficiency and precision:

  • Event Log Analyzer from ManageEngine
  • Tripwire

Password Manager: ABM Password Manager allows security teams to grant secure third-party access to the secure zone without revealing actual access credentials via its PASM functionality. All corresponding access permissions are temporary and can be reviewed, continued, or revoked. A one-time password mechanism can be used to provide one-time access.

Antivirus and Encryption: Database security can include secure encryption key management, encryption system protection, management of secure offsite encryption backup, and access restriction protocols.

Active Directory Audit (AD Audit): ABM Active Directory Manager provides a secondary authentication feature to identify users of shared accounts, such as built-in administrator-level operating system accounts, based on individual credentials. This allows not only detailed logging, but also restricting and permitting access to shared accounts for specific users.

Key Manager: ABM Key Manager is a solution that that helps you consolidate, control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire life cycle of SSH (Secure Shell) keys and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. It provides visibility into the SSH and SSL environments and helps administrators take total control of the keys to preempt breaches and compliance issues.

Browser Security: ABM Browser Security is an enterprise browser security tool that helps IT administrators manage and secure browsers across networks. It enables them to gain visibility on browser usage trends, harden browsers settings, control browser extensions and plug-ins, lock down enterprise browsers, and ensure compliance with stipulated browser security standards. All this helps admins protect their networks from cyberattacks such as phishing attacks, watering hole attacks, ransomware, viruses, and Trojans.

NTP Server: NTP or Network Time Protocol, is a system used to synchronize the time of day across computer networks. NTP works by using a single time source, allowing it to synchronize time across all devices that are part of a network.

We offer NTP solution that allows organizations to:

  • Exact time synchronization of devices within milliseconds of each other
  • Time synchronization across multiple time zones

NTP is now used all over the world, allowing businesses to become more punctual when it comes to transactions, especially online.

How can NTP server benefit your business?

Whatever your company does, two of the core values of the company remain the same ‘saving time and saving money’, values that NTP is able to maintain and improve.