Our clients in the MEA and Africa trust ABM as their compliance partner, relying on us for their institution’s advanced compliance software and expert service. ABM’s regulatory compliance solutions help protect the integrity of businesses in regulated industries and ensure compliance with federal regulations.

Anti-Money Laundering Solution: Global AML/CTF Platform’s various components can be acquired by clients in either one of two tenancy options:

01 – Single Site tenancy

02 – Multi-Site tenancy

Our platform is designed based on dynamic “Cloud-based Architecture”. By opting for the “Multi-site Tenancy” feature, clients can define geographically dispersed multi-institutions to be residing on a single production environment, each institution being hermetically sand-boxed and acting as a free-standing institution with all security, configuration, integration, interfacing and reporting aspects isolated.

SWIFT MT / MX Transaction Filtering Solution: ABM EFTScan module is designed to offer the ultimate compliance screening feature for EFT operations whether they are MT, MX, SEAP or any ISO20022 compliant format. Our module acts as firewall protection for all incoming and outgoing EFT operations.

ABM EFTScan module is loaded with screening features allowing financial institutions to scan transfers against all proprietary and international SDN lists and in multiple languages (for ISO20022 messages).

FATCA / CRS Solution: ABM FATCA module is designed to assist Banks and MFIs (designated as FFI by the U.S.A. IRS) with their efforts to achieve compliance with United States of America – Foreign Account Tax Compliances ACT. Our deep knowledge of financial institutions KYC/CIF issues and AML/CTF requirements allows us to properly assist organizations in planning, managing, and implementing FATCA requirements.

Name Checking – KYC Solution: ABM Name-Checking Verifier is the only available solution that performs lists screening for individuals and entity names utilizing Arabic or Latin Alphabets. Users need to enter the desired screened name in either Arabic or Latin, and our software will perform direct or reverse transliteration of the requested name and perform the required search with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. Designated blacklists can be in either Latin, Arabic or both, as our APIs are “Alphabet Autosensing” and can automatically determine the alphabet utilized and initiate the search sequence accordingly