Business Continuity


There are any number of events that can occur to disrupt your business and keep it from operating normally. By assessing your current state of operational risk management, ABM’s business continuity solutions help you protect what’s most important to your business and recover from any disruptive event.

Replication (RHA): SWIFT is a very critical application processing low and high value payments each day. It is essential to ensure maximum availability as part of the overall business strategy; that’s why backup systems and disaster recovery options are essential. Moreover, periodic backups alone just don’t meet today’s increasing needs. Companies need continuous data protection for critical information and applications to complement backup for better data protection in their data centers and remote offices.

ABM RHA is designed as an off-site replication solution for Alliance, and can simply require a dedicated remote server, and a network link to the remote site. Data changes on the prime Alliance server are captured and replicated to one or many, recovery servers which can be located either in-house or at remote sites across any local or wide area network.


  • Offline synchronization
  • Application-aware lan and wan optimized replication
  • Assured recovery
  • Data rewind for continuous data protection (cdp)
  • Replication reports
  • Unified, centralized management console
  • Replicates alliance data to local or remote systems
  • Remote installation
  • Network optimization (throttling – data compression)
  • Can use dedicated network interface cards

Backup Solution: ABM Unified Data Protection (UDP) combines industry- proven disaster recovery, backup and true global deduplication technologies into an all-in-one solution that delivers every data protection capability that you and your business need.